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Month: February 2017

Best antivirus programs 2017

BitDefender Internet Security 2017

Bitdefender is the best virus scanner in our test. If you are looking for the best antivirus program, you should choose Bitdefender Internet Security. For two years, Bitdefender has dominated almost every virus scanner test (in magazines and online media). In a few virus scanner tests, Bitdefender offered the best virus protection in the past 12 months. Even the most sensitive topic WLAN is the security software. It monitors the wireless network and blocks unwanted visitors. You do not need to configure anything. All security settings are made automatically. Also, no obtrusive messages, warnings, or other pop-ups appear.

If the user interface is called up, the user has a very well-structured and tidy console, which allows intuitive operation of the product. The very low system utilization during operation, combined with an excellent virus detection rate and smooth operation, make Bitdefender Internet Security the best virus scanner at present.

The Bitdefender Autopilot makes your security even easier. Intelligent user profiles detect if you work, play or watch movies. The one-click optimization provides even better performance and creates additional storage space.

Bitdefender version 2017 introduced the WiFi advisor. It evaluates the security of publicly accessible WLAN networks and informs computer users about possible weaknesses.

The Safepay feature is also very useful: when you open bank or product pages, the brand new Safepay function automatically opens a secure browser. This allows you to make purchases and financial transactions securely.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

The virus detection and removal works very well. The virus scanner detects ~ 96 percent of all pests. A little less than the first place (Bitdefender: 100 percent), nevertheless a excellent result. Kaspersky provides comprehensive protection. The computer is protected against both spy and malware. Internet traffic and emails are scanned and monitored just as reliably as instant messenger communications.

The first time Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 is launched, a similar resemblance of the new interface to that of Windows 8 occurs. In any case, the large keys for the core functions can not be overlooked. Behind it lies a multitude of new features, such as the “virtual keyboard” with which one can prevent the unwanted recording of keystrokes. Also, the software has a module that can be used to reveal security holes in programs.

The updated user interface makes the anti-virus program even easier to use than the previous version 2016. Numerous additional functions, such as the two-way firewall or the extended protection module for online banking round out the range of services.
Unfortunately, Internet Security does not have built-in storage for passwords.

Important updates in the Kaspersky version 2017:

New protection against unsafe connections. Outgoing and incoming data are automatically encrypted. The limit is 200 MB traffic per day. If you want more, you have to spend extra money – for 5 euros there is a monthly flat rate.
It also has new webcam protection.